You will find several sections on Simply Birding. Some of these are made up of subsections.

The first is the Home section, this contains links to information and services that we hope you will find useful when bird watching, from competitions to a Birding Blog with lots of useful articles aimed at bird watchers.

Next is our traditional Forum or Bulletin Board. There are many sub forums contained in this section, designed to help birders with various subjects, from help with difficult to identify birds through to a forum specifically for those wanting to show off their latest and greatest photographs! Talking of photos, you can discuss to your hearts content all the wonderful lenses and cameras out there that people make use of to get those amazing photographs. We have also included a dedicated section for those wanting to contribute data to the Wikipedia. You will notice that the menu on the right contains links to the latest posts.

Last but not least is the Birding Resources section, which contains firstly information on all the products that we have either created ourselves or have contributed to in some way and secondly we are enthusiastically listing other birding gear that birders use and love on their outings. You will also find plenty of useful information on other birding related resources in this section.

If you should have any queries on how to use this site, or have a question on a resource that you have seen, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Any suggestions you may have on how we can improve the site will also be very welcome!