Mapungubwe National Park

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10 years 2 months ago #6391 by Johann
Johann created the topic: Mapungubwe National Park
On a weekend trip to the park in the beginning of August we saw a total of 147 birds. More birds were seen while travelling but these are not listed. Birds in [i:1x3qciba]italics[/i:1x3qciba] were only heard and not seen.

Babbler Arrow-marked
Barbet Acacia Pied, Black-collared & Barbet Crested
Batis Chinspot
Bee-eater Little & White-fronted
Boubou Southern & Tropical
Brownbul Terrestrial
Buffalo-Weaver Red-billed
Bulbul Dark-capped
Bunting Lark-like
Bush-Shrike Grey-headed & Orange-breasted
Camaroptera Grey-backed
Canary Yellow & Yellow-fronted
Chat Familiar
Cisticola Rattling & Tinkling
Cliff-Chat Mocking
Coucal Burchell's & Senegal
Courser Three-banded
Crombec Long-billed
Crow Pied
Darter African
Dove [i:1x3qciba]African Mourning[/i:1x3qciba], Laughing, Namaqua, Red-eyed & Cape Turtle
Drongo Fork-tailed
Duck African Black
Eagle Verreaux's
Eagle-Owl Verreaux's
Egret Great & Yellow-billed
Finch Scaly-feathered
Firefinch Jameson's & Red-billed
Fish-Eagle African
Flycatcher Marico & Southern Black
Francolin Crested & Natal
Go-away-bird Grey
Goose Egyptian
Goshawk Dark Chanting, Gabar & Southern Pale Chanting
Green-Pigeon African
Greenshank Common
Guineafowl Helmeted
Hawk-Eagle African
Helmet-Shrike Retz's & White-crested
Heron Grey & Squacco
Hoopoe African
Hornbill African Grey, Red-billed & Southern Yellow-billed
Ibis African Sacred & Hadeda
Jacana African
Kestrel Greater
Kingfisher Brown-hooded & Pied
Lapwing Blacksmith & Crowned
Lark Fawn-coloured & Sabota
Martin Brown-throated & Rock
Masked-Weaver Lesser
Mousebird Red-faced & Speckled
Myna Common
Oriole Black-headed
Ostrich Common
Owlet African Barred & [i:1x3qciba]Pearl-spotted[/i:1x3qciba]
Oxpecker Red-billed
Palm-Swift African
Parrot Meyer's
Pelican Great White
Pipit African
Plover Kittlitz's
Prinia Tawny-flanked
Puffback Black-backed
Pytilia Green-winged
Quelea Red-billed
Roller Lilac-breasted & Purple
Sandpiper Common & Wood
Scimitarbill Common
[i:1x3qciba]Scops-Owl African[/i:1x3qciba]
Scrub-Robin White-browed
Shrike Crimson-breasted, Magpie & Southern White-crowned
Snake-Eagle Black-chested & Brown
Sparrow Cape, Great & Southern Grey-headed
Sparrowlark Grey-backed
Sparrow-Weaver White-browed
Spoonbill African
Spurfowl Swainson's
Starling Cape Glossy, Meves's, Red-winged & Wattled
Stilt Black-winged
Stork Yellow-billed
Sunbird Marico & White-bellied
Swallow Lesser Striped, Pearl-breasted & Wire-tailed
Swamp-Warbler Lesser
Tchagra Brown-crowned
Thick-knee Water
Thrush Kurrichane
Tit Southern Black
[i:1x3qciba]Tit-Babbler Chestnut-vented[/i:1x3qciba]
Tit-Flycatcher Grey
Vulture White-backed
Wagtail African Pied
Waxbill Black-faced & Blue
Weaver Red-headed & Spectacled
White-eye Cape
Whydah Pin-tailed & Shaft-tailed
Wood-Dove Emerald-spotted
Wood-Hoopoe Green
Woodpecker Bearded, Bennett's, Cardinal & Golden-tailed

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