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My trip to Kenya was planned to maximise the number of species seen, while hopefully having a high ratio of lifers in the final list. The trip was planned and all accommodation and transport bookings made for me by Moses Kandie ([url=" onclick=";return false;][/url]), whom I contacted via the BirdingPals website - [url=" onclick=";return false;][/url] The trip he put together had as the primary birding locations Lake Nakuru National Park (Nak), Lake Baringo (Bar) and the Kakamega Forest (Kak). En route between these locations we were able to bird the Eldoret-Kerio-Tambach-Kabarnet area (Eld), the road from Naivasha to the Kinangop Plateau (Kin), home of the endangered Sharpe's Longclaw, the Limuru Ponds NW of Nairobi (Lim) and take in a boat trip on Lake Victoria at Kisumu (Vic).

The vehicle used was a 4WD Toyota "Kombi" with a safari roof allowing you to stand up fully and have an uninterrupted 360 deg view.

Moses can also be contacted by cellphone on either +254 72 2420699 or +254 72 2273866.

The list below details the locations where each of the 354 species were seen (using Oth for other locations outside those above, and All - where a species was seen in all of the above locations). Birds not seen in Southern Africa are highlighted in green and my lifers (134 - a very good 3 in 8 ratio of species seen) are marked with an asterisk(*).

Akalat, East Coast (Equatorial)* Kak
Alethe, Brown-chested * Kak

Apalis, Yellow-breasted Bar
Babbler, Brown* Bar
Barbet, Black-throated* Bar
Barbet, d'Arnaud's* Bar
Barbet, Double-toothed* Kak
Barbet, Grey-throated* Kak
Barbet, Red-and-Yellow* Kak
Barbet, Red-fronted* Bar
Barbet, Yellow-billed* Kak
Barbet, Yellow-spotted* Kak

Batis, Chinspot Eld, Nak
Batis, Pygmy* Bar
Bee-Eater, Blue-headed * Kak
Bee-Eater, Cinnamon-chested * Eld, Kak, Kin

Bee-eater, Eurasian Eld, Bar
Bee-eater, White-fronted Eld, Nak
Bee-eater, White-throated Vic
Bishop, Yellow-crowned Bar
Bluebill, Red-headed* Kak
Boubou, Slate-coloured* Eld

Boubou, Tropical Bar, Eld, Nak
Bristle-Bill, Red-tailed* Kak
Brubru Bar, Nak
Buffalo-Weaver, White-billed* Bar
Buffalo-Weaver, White-headed* Bar
Bulbul, Common All

Bunting, Golden-breasted Nak
Bush-Shrike, Bocage's (Grey-green)* Kak
Bush-Shrike, Luhder's* Kak

Bush-Shrike, Orange-breasted Bar
Buzzard, Augur Bar, Eld, Kin, Nak
Camaroptera, Grey-backed Bar, Eld, Nak
Camaroptera, Olive-Green* Kak
Canary, Brimstone Nak
Canary, White-bellied* Bar
Chat, Northern Ant-eater* Eld, Kin, Nak
Chatterer, Rufous* Bar
Cisticola, Carruther's* Vic
Cisticola, Chubb's* Kak
Cisticola, Hunter's* Kin

Cisticola, Rattling Bar, Nak
Cisticola, Red-faced Kin
Cisticola, Tiny* Nak
Cisticola, Winding* Lim
Citril, Western* Kak, Eld

Cliff-Chat, Mocking Bar, Eld, Nak
Coot, Red-knobbed Eld, Lim
Cordonbleu, Red-cheeked* Eld, Kak, Nak, Vic
Cormorant, Reed Bar, Eld, Nak
Cormorant, White-breasted Bar, Nak, Vic
Coucal, White-browed Bar
Courser, Heuglin's* (Three-banded) Bar
Crake, Black Eld, Bar
Crane, Grey Crowned Eld, Nak
Crombec, Northern* Bar
Crombec, Red-faced* Bar
Crow, Cape Eld, Oth
Crow, Pied All
Cuckoo, African Emerald Kak
Cuckoo, Diderik Bar
Cuckoo, Klaas's Eld, Kak
Cuckooshrike, Black Eld
Cuckooshrike, Petit's* Kak
Darter, African Bar
Dove, African Mourning Bar
Dove, Namaqua Bar
Dove, Laughing (Palm) Bar, Eld, Oth
Dove, Red-eyed Bar, Eld, Kak, Nak, Oth
Dove, Cape Turtle (Ring-necked) Bar, Eld, Kin, Nak
Drongo, Fork-tailed Bar, Nak, Oth
Drongo, Square-tailed Kak
Duck, African Black Eld
Duck, Fulvous Lim
Duck, Maccoa Lim
Duck, White-backed Lim
Duck, White-faced Bar, Lim
Duck, Yellow-billed Eld, Lim, Nak
Eagle, Long-crested Kak, Nak, Oth
Eagle, Martial Oth
Eagle, Verreaux's Bar
Eagle, Wahlberg's Eld, Kak
Eagle-Owl, Greyish* Bar
Eagle-Owl, Verreaux's Bar
Egret, Cattle Bar, Lim, Nak, Oth
Egret, Great White Bar, Eld, Lim, Nak
Egret, Intermediate Lim, Nak
Egret, Little Nak, Vic
Eremomela, Yellow-bellied Bar
Falcon, African Pygmy Bar
Falcon, Lanner Eld, Nak
Firefinch, Red-billed Nak
Fiscal, Common Eld, Lim, Nak, Vic, Oth
Fiscal, Grey-backed* Eld, Nak, Vic
Fish-Eagle, African Bar, Nak, Vic
Flamingo, Greater Nak
Flamingo, Lesser Nak
Flycatcher, African Blue* Kak
Flycatcher, African Dusky Eld, Lim, Kak
Flycatcher, African Grey* Bar
Flycatcher, Northern Black* Eld, Kak

Flycatcher, Pale Nak
Flycatcher, Swamp* Vic
Flycatcher, White-eyed Slaty Eld, Kak, Nak
Go-Away-Bird, White-bellied* Bar, Eld
Gonolek, Black-headed* Vic

Goose, Egyptian Bar, Eld, Nak, Vic
Goshawk, Dark Chanting Bar
Goshawk, Eastern Chanting* Oth
Goshawk, Gabar Kak
Grebe, Little Eld, Lim, Nak
Greenbul, Cabanis's Kak
Greenbul, Joyful* Kak
Greenbul, Kakamega (Shelley's)* Kak
Greenbul, Little Grey* Kak
Greenbul, Yellow-whiskered* Eld, Kak

Green-Pigeon, African Kak
Greenshank, Common Nak, Vic
Grenadier, Purple* Bar, Kin
Guineafowl, Helmeted Bar, Nak, Oth
Gull, Grey-headed Nak, Vic
Hamerkop Bar, Nak
Hawk, African Harrier Eld, Nak
Hawk-Eagle, African Nak
Helmetshrike, White Bar
Heron, Black-headed Bar, Eld, Lim
Heron, Goliath Bar
Heron, Green-backed Bar
Heron, Grey Bar, Nak
Heron, Purple Bar
Heron, Squacco Bar
Honeyguide, Thick-billed* Kak
Hoopoe, African Bar, Nak
Hornbill, African Grey Bar
Hornbill, Black-and-white-Casqued* Eld, Kak
Hornbill, Crowned Eld,
Hornbill, Eastern Yellow-billed* Bar
Hornbill, Hemprich's* Bar
Hornbill, Jackson's * Bar
Hornbill, Northern Red-billed* Eld, Bar

Ibis, African Sacred Eld, Lim, Nak, Vic
Ibis, Glossy Lim, Nak
Ibis, Hadeda Eld, Nak, Oth
Illadopsis, Scaly-breasted* Kak
Jacana, African Bar, Eld, Vic
Kestrel, Rock Bar
Kingfisher, Giant Eld
Kingfisher, Grey-hooded Nak
Kingfisher, Malachite Bar, Vic
Kingfisher, Pied Bar, Vic
Kingfisher, Striped Bar, Nak
Kingfisher, Woodland Bar, Vic
Kite, Black-shouldered Eld, Kin, Nak
Kite, Yellow-billed Lim, Oth
Lapwing, African Wattled Eld
Lapwing, Black-headed* Bar
Lapwing, Blacksmith Lim
Lapwing, Crowned Nak, Oth
Lapwing, Spur-winged* Nak, Vic
Lark, Pink-breasted* Bar
Lark, Red-capped Nak
Lark, Rufous-naped Eld, Kin
Longclaw, Sharpe's Kin Endangered
Longclaw, Yellow-throated Nak
Lovebird, Fischer's* Nak
Malimbe, Redheaded* Kak
Mannikin, Black-and-White* Kak

Mannikin, Bronze Vic
Marsh-Harrier, African Eld
Martin, Banded Bar
Martin, Plain Lim
Martin, Rock Bar, Eld, Kin, Nak
Moorhen, Common Lim
Morning-Thrush, Spotted* Eld, Bar
Mousebird, Blue-naped* Bar

Mousebird, Speckled Eld, Lim, Nak, Vic
Negrofinch (Nigrita), Grey-headed* Kak
Night-Heron, Black-crowned Vic
Nightjar, Slender-tailed* Bar
Openbill, African Vic
Oriole, Eastern Black-headed Eld, Nak
Ostrich, Common Bar
Owl, Barn Nak
Oxpecker, Red-billed Bar
Paradise-Flycatcher, African Kak, Nak
Parrot, Brown (Meyer's) Bar, Nak
Pelican, Great White Nak
Penduline-Tit, Mouse-coloured* Bar
Petronia, Yellow-spotted* Bar

Pigeon, Speckled Bar, Eld, Lim, Nak
Pipit, African Bar, Lim, Nak
Pipit, Plain-backed Nak, Oth
Plantain-Eater, Eastern Grey* Vic
Plover, Common Ringed Nak
Plover, Kittlitz's Nak
Plover, Three-banded Nak
Pochard, Southern Nak
Prinia, Banded Kak
Prinia, Tawny-flanked Bar, Eld, Nak
Prinia, White-chinned* Kak
Puffback, Northern Bar, Nak
Puffback, Pink-footed* Kak

Pytilia, Green-winged Bar
Quelea, Red-billed Bar, Lim
Raven, Fan-tailed* Bar, Eld
Redshank, Common Nak
Robin-Chat, Cape Eld, Kin
Robin-Chat, Grey-winged* Kak
Robin-Chat, Ruppell's* Kin
Robin-Chat, Snowy-crowned Kak

Robin-Chat, White-browed Eld, Nak
Rock-Chat, Brown-tailed* Bar
Rock-Thrush, Little* Nak

Roller, Lilac-breasted Bar, Eld, Nak, Vic, Oth
Roller, Rufous-crowned (Purple) Bar, Oth
Ruff Nak
Sandpiper, Common Bar, Eld, Nak, Vic
Sandpiper, Green* Eld, Nak
Sandpiper, Marsh Nak
Sandpiper, Wood Eld, Lim, Nak
Saw-Wing, Black Bar, Eld, Nak
Saw-Wing, White-headed* Kak
Scimitarbill, Abyssinian* Bar
Scimitarbill, Common Bar
Scops-Owl, Northern White-faced Bar
Scrub-Robin, White-browed Bar
Secretarybird Oth
Seed-Eater, Streaky Eld, Lim, Kin
Seed-Eater, Thickbilled* Eld
Seed-Eater, Yellow-rumped* Nak, Vic

Shikra Bar
Shrike (Fiscal), Mackinnon's* Kak
Shrike, Northern White-crowned Bar, Eld, Oth
Shrike-Flycatcher, African* Kak
Silverbird* Bar
Social-Weaver, Grey-capped* Bar

Sparrow, House Bar, Oth
Sparrow, Northern Grey-headed Eld, Nak
Sparrow, Parrot-billed* Bar
Sparrow, Rufous* Kin
Sparrowlark, Fischer's* Oth

Sparrow-Weaver, White-browed Eld
Spoonbill, African Nak
Starling, Bristle-crowned* Bar
Starling, Greater Blue-eared Bar, Eld, Nak, Oth
Starling, Red-winged Bar, Oth
Starling, Ruppell's* Bar, Eld, Nak, Vic
Starling, Stuhlmann's* Kak
Starling, Superb Bar, Nak, Oth

Starling, Violet-backed Eld
Starling, Wattled Nak, Oth
Stilt, Black-winged Nak
Stint, Little Nak
Stonechat, Common Kak, Kin, Lim,
Stork, Marabou Bar, Nak, Oth
Stork, White Oth
Stork, Woolly-necked Bar
Stork, Yellow-billed Nak, Vic, Oth
Sunbird, Beautiful Bar
Sunbird, Bronzy* Bar, Eld, Kak, Kin, Oth
Sunbird, Collared Bar, Eld
Sunbird, Eastern Violet-backed* Bar
Sunbird, Golden-winged* Kin
Sunbird, Green (Grey-chinned)* Kak
Sunbird, Green-headed* Kak

Sunbird, Malachite Kin
Sunbird, Marico Bar, Eld
Sunbird, Northern Double-collared* Bar, Eld, Lim
Sunbird, Red-chested* Vic

Sunbird, Scarlet-chested Bar, Eld
Sunbird, Tacazze* Eld
Sunbird, Variable Eld
Sunbird, Western Olive Bar
Swallow, Angola* Bar, Nak
Swallow, Barn Bar, Eld, Kak, Nak, Vic
Swallow, Lesser Striped Bar
Swallow, Red-rumped Bar, Eld, Nak
Swallow, Wire-tailed Bar, Nak, Vic
Swamphen, African Bar
Swamp-Warbler, Lesser Bar
Swift, African Palm Eld, Vic
Swift, Common Eld
Swift, Horus Kin
Swift, Little Oth
Swift, Mottled Eld, Kin
Swift, Nyanza* Eld
Swift, White-rumped Nak
Tchagra, Black-crowned Nak
Tchagra, Brown-crowned Bar, Nak
Teal, Cape Nak
Teal, Red-billed Eld, Lim, Nak
Tern, Gull-billed* Nak, Vic
Tern, Whiskered Bar, Lim, Vic
Tern, White-winged Bar, Nak
Thick-Knee, Senegal* Bar
Thick-Knee, Water Vic
Thrush, African* Kak, Nak
Thrush, Olive Eld
Tinkerbird, Red-fronted Bar
Tinkerbird, Yellow-rumped Eld
Tit, Miombo Bar
Tit, White-bellied Black* Bar, Nak
Turaco, Great Blue* Kak
Turaco, Hartlaub's* Eld
Turtle-Dove, Dusky* Kin

Wagtail, African Pied All
Wagtail, Grey Nak
Wagtail, Yellow Bar
Warbler, Black-faced Rufous* Kak
Warbler, Buff-bellied* Eld, Nak
Warbler, Cinnamon Bracken* Eld

Warbler, Dark-capped Yellow Eld
Warbler, Grey-capped* Bar
Warbler, Red-fronted* Bar

Warbler, Willow Vic
Wattle-Eye, Brown-throated* Kak
Waxbill, Common Nak
Waxbill, Yellow-bellied* Eld
Weaver, Baglafecht* Bar, Eld, Kin, Lim, Nak
Weaver, Black-billed* Kak
Weaver, Black-necked Kak
Weaver, Brown-Capped* Kak

Weaver, Dark-backed Kak
Weaver, (Jackson's) Golden-backed* Bar, Vic
Weaver, Grosbeak (Thick-billed) Eld
Weaver, (Holub's) Golden Eld
Weaver, Lesser Masked Bar, Vic, Oth
Weaver, Little* Bar
Weaver, Northern Brown-throated* Vic
Weaver, Northern Masked* Bar - occurs in Kenya only on Lake Baringo

Weaver, Red-headed Bar
Weaver, Slender-billed* Vic
Weaver, Speckle-fronted* Bar
Weaver, Speke's Kin
Weaver, Vieillot's Black Bar, Kak

Weaver, Village (Black-headed) Bar, Eld, Nak, Vic
Wheatear, Isabelline* Bar, Nak
Wheatear, Northern Bar
Wheatear, Schalow's* Kin
White-eye, African Yellow Eld, Kak, Kin
Whydah, Pin-tailed Bar
Widowbird, Fan-tailed Eld
Widowbird, Jackson's* Eld
Widowbird, Long-tailed Kin
Widowbird, Red-collared Eld, Kin
Widowbird, Yellow-mantled Eld
Wood-Dove, Blue-spotted Eld
Wood-Dove, Emerald-spotted Bar
Woodhoopoe, Green Bar, Nak
Woodland-Warbler, Uganda* Kak
Woodpecker, Cardinal Bar
Woodpecker, Grey* Eld, Nak
Woodpecker, Nubian* Bar

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