Guinea - my first year completed!

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7 years 9 months ago #23869 by nkgray
nkgray created the topic: Guinea - my first year completed!
Not that many, if any, of you will need to use this list, but I thought you might be interested to see it. I am sitting here in Conakry, en route from my base in N'Zerekore back to SA. I arrived in Guinea for the first time on 13th May last year so my first year has somehow flown by. I had set myself the ambitious target of 200 birds in my first year (if I stayed that long). Ambitious for two reasons, first that I am here to work not to go birding (I've driven past many possible lifers without stopping!), and second that I didn't know what to expect here in Guinea in terms of what was possible on the birding front in the areas I'd be in.

I managed to finish the year on 195 species, of which 83 are non-Southern African species (highlighted in red) and 13 are very uncommon in Southern Africa (in blue) and would have required a lot of time and money to see, if ever. This list includes 89 lifers, of which only the Palmnut Vulture has been added in Southern Africa since first seeing it here in Guinea.

[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Apalis Sharpe's
Babbler Capuchin
Barbet Hairy-breasted
Barbet Naked-faced
Barbet Vieillot's[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Bee-Eater Black[/color:9by2qiui]
Bee-eater Eurasian
Bee-eater Little
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Bee-eater White-throated[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Bishop Black-winged[/color:9by2qiui]
Bittern Dwarf
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Bluebill Western
Boubou Lowland Sooty[/color:9by2qiui]
Boubou Tropical
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Bulbul Common
Bulbul Swamp Palm[/color:9by2qiui]
Bush-Shrike Orange-breasted
Buzzard Lizard
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Buzzard Red-necked[/color:9by2qiui]
Camaroptera Grey-backed
Canary Yellow-fronted
Chat Familiar
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Cisticola Siffling
Cisticola Singing
Cliff-Swallow Preuss's[/color:9by2qiui]
Cormorant Reed
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Coucal Senegal[/color:9by2qiui]
Crake African
Crake Black
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Crombec Green[/color:9by2qiui]
Crow Pied
Cuckoo Black
Cuckoo Common
Cuckoo Diderik
Cuckoo Klaas's
Cuckoo Levaillant's
Cuckoo Red-chested
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Cuckooshrike Red-shouldered[/color:9by2qiui]
Cuckooshrike White-breasted
Dove Laughing
Dove Red-eyed
Dove Tambourine
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Dove Vinaceous[/color:9by2qiui]
Drongo Fork-tailed
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Drongo Velvet-mantled
Dwarf-Kingfisher African[/color:9by2qiui]
Eagle Long-crested
Egret Cattle
Egret Great White
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Eremomela Senegal[/color:9by2qiui]
Firefinch African
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Firefinch Black-bellied[/color:9by2qiui]
Firefinch Red-billed
Fiscal Common
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Flycatcher Black-and-White
Flycatcher Pied[/color:9by2qiui]
Flycatcher Spotted
Goose Spur-winged
Goshawk Dark Chanting
[color=#BF4000:9by2qiui]Greenbul Little[/color:9by2qiui]
Green-Pigeon African
Greenshank Common
Guineafowl Helmeted
Gull Grey-headed
Hawk African Harrier
Hawk-Eagle Ayres'
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Hawk-Eagle Cassin's[/color:9by2qiui]
Helmetshrike White
Heron Green-backed
Heron Grey
Heron Western Reef
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Honeybird Cassin's[/color:9by2qiui]
Hornbill African Grey
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Hornbill African Pied
Hornbill Piping
Hornbill White-crested
Illadopsis Pale-breasted[/color:9by2qiui]
Indigobird Village
Jacana African
[color=#BF4000:9by2qiui]Kestrel Grey
Kingfisher Blue-breasted[/color:9by2qiui]
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Grey-hooded
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kingfisher Striped
Kingfisher Woodland
Kite Black-shouldered
Kite Yellow-billed
Lapwing African Wattled
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Lark Rufous-rumped
Lark Sun
Leaf-Love Red-tailed
Leaflove Simple[/color:9by2qiui]
Longclaw Yellow-throated
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Malimbe Blue-billed
Malimbe Red-vented
Mannikin Black-and-White[/color:9by2qiui]
Mannikin Bronze
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Mannikin Magpie[/color:9by2qiui]
Martin Common House
Martin Rock
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Nightjar Standard-winged
Oriole Western Black-headed
Paradise-Flycatcher Red-bellied
Parrot Senegal
Partridge Stone[/color:9by2qiui]
Pelican Pink-backed
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Pigeon Afep[/color:9by2qiui]
Pigeon Feral
Pipit Long-billed
Pipit Plain-backed
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Plantain-Eater Western Gre[/color:9by2qiui]y
Prinia Tawny-flanked
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Puffback Northern[/color:9by2qiui]
Pygmy-Kingfisher African
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Quelea Red-headed[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Robin-Chat Snowy-crowned
Rock-Thrush Rufous-tailed
Roller Blue-bellied[/color:9by2qiui]
Roller Broad-billed
Roller Purple
Sandpiper Common
Sandpiper Wood
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Saw-Wing Fanti
Saw-Wing Square-tailed
Scimitarbill Black
Scops-Owl Northern White-faced
Scrub-Robin Forest
Seed-Eater West African[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#BF4000:9by2qiui]Shrike Woodchat
Shrike Yellow-billed[/color:9by2qiui]
Snake-Eagle Brown
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Snake-Eagle Western Banded[/color:9by2qiui]
Sparrow Northern Grey-headed
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Spurfowl Double-spurred
Starling Emerald
Starling Lesser Blue-Eared
Starling Long-tailed Glossy[/color:9by2qiui]
Stork Woolly-necked
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Sunbird Beautiful[/color:9by2qiui]
Sunbird Collared
Sunbird Copper
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Sunbird Olive-bellied
Sunbird Splendid
Sunbird Superb[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Sunbird Variable[/color:9by2qiui]
Swallow Barn
Swallow Lesser Striped
Swallow Red-breasted
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Swallow Red-chested
Swallow Red-rumped[/color:9by2qiui]
Swallow Wire-tailed
Swift African Palm
Swift Alpine
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Swift Bates's[/color:9by2qiui]
Swift Common
Swift Little
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Swift Mottled[/color:9by2qiui]
Swift White-rumped
Tchagra Black-crowned
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Tchagra Marsh[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Tern Black
Tern Royal[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Tinkerbird Red-rumped
Tinkerbird Speckled[/color:9by2qiui]
Tinkerbird Yellow-rumped
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Tinkerbird Yellow-throated
Turaco Guinea
Turaco Violet[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Turnstone Ruddy[/color:9by2qiui]
Vulture Hooded
[color=#0040FF:9by2qiui]Vulture Palmnut[/color:9by2qiui]
Wagtail African Pied
Wagtail Yellow
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Warbler Melodious[/color:9by2qiui]
Warbler Willow
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Waxbill Orange-cheeked
Weaver Black-necked
Weaver Vieillot's Black[/color:9by2qiui]
Weaver Village
Whimbrel Common
White-Eye African Yellow
Whydah Pin-tailed
Widowbird Yellow-mantled
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Wood-Dove Blue-headed[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#0000FF:9by2qiui]Wood-Dove Blue-spotted[/color:9by2qiui]
[color=#BF0000:9by2qiui]Woodpecker Little Green
Yellowbill (Blue Malkoha)[/color:9by2qiui]


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