Nikon ProStaff 10x25 waterproof

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9 years 10 months ago #7479 by mossie
mossie created the topic: Nikon ProStaff 10x25 waterproof
I have been looking around for a good pair of mini-bino’s to take on long hikes, oversea’s trips, or traveling with limited space (like when you have kids!) and, where you cannot afford to carry the weight of a full size pair of bino’s. I had the luxury of poping into Adorama in NY, and had a look though about 10 pairs of bino’s.

I started, rather fool hardy, looking though a pair of Leica 10x20’s. Pencil thin, light weight, and I could read a price tag at the far end of their megastore!! But at about $600, my bank manager would have slaughtered me. So I started at the bottom of the pile again, slowly going up in price, until I could find something close to the Leica’s. I tried several pairs of Bushnel, and was unimpressed. Also a few pairs of similar spec Nikon’s were also no match. At last, I had my arm twisted by the salesman, to have a look through a pair of Nikon ProStaff 10x25 that were on sale. Smart man. I’m not sure what would have put me off more, the name ProStaff, which suggests they belong in a golf bag, or the fact that the Poro Prism design, made them markedly bulkier and heavier than the other slick roof prism designs.

Aggghh at last, I could read the price tag. Not quite as clear as with the Leica’s, but almost as clearly, as with a pair of Nikon Monarch 10x42 that I was looking through at the time, and for a lot less.

So let it be said, optically, and price wise, it is still cheaper and easier to make quality poro prisms, than roof prisms. So don’t be a snob! There is value there.

I guess because they are light, I take them everywhere, and land up doing a lot more opportunistic birding than I would do other wise. They are waterproof, and come with a handy belt loop. They are great for stationary birds, but because they are 10x25’s you have to have a steady hand, and a lot of experience to find your bird quickly. Also, no hope of viewing swallows with the narrow field of view. Perhaps a pair of 8x25 would have been more practical, but while I am still young, I can enjoy them.


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