Canon 7D AF rocks!!!

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7 years 2 months ago #38681 by mossie
mossie created the topic: Canon 7D AF rocks!!!
Santa came early this year, and I have upgraded from a Canon 350D to the 7D. <!-- s:bouncy: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bouncy.gif" alt=":bouncy:" title="Enthusiastic" /><!-- s:bouncy: --> I hung on to my much loved 350D for a long time, as deep down I was protesting against Canon’s insane obsession with megapixels. Under most circumstances I regarded 8MP as more than enough to print an A4 pin sharp, even with a bit of cropping. Especially when you consider that the combination of an 8MP sensor with a good quality prime lens can outperform a camera with a sensor twice the size with a consumer zoom. Hence, I would rather spend the money on good quality glass than a camera with more megapixels. I also abhorred that fact that large sensors produce large files that slow down your computer and clog up your hard disks. So, after all these grumblings, why did I upgrade? Simple, 8fps and auto focus.
With the 7D, I have realised there is a lot more to a camera than sensor size. When the camera arrived, I picked it up, and automatically I got the feel that I had upgraded from a Toyota Tazz to a Lexus. A beautiful clear viewfinder, awesome screen, controls which are logically placed, and allow you to change settings in a flash, and the 19-point autofocus which shows you exactly which points are being used to compose the image. But this is what blew me away, with two toddlers in the house that never sit still, I have always battled to get decent pictures in focus. After a 10 minute shooting spree with the 7D, I was astounded to see that the majority of prints were pin-sharp. Under the circumstances I normally struggle to get 1 in 10 right with the 350D. The ultimate test came when I put my daughter on a fast swing that moves through dappled shade. On servo mode and spot metering, I blasted away at 8 frames per second, and the camera got the metering and focus right every time! It really makes a huge difference in your photography to have a camera with such IQ, and to see how the percentage of keepers increase. I was also blown away by the speed at which the camera downloaded the pictures to my PC. Despite the large file size, it downloaded much faster than the 350D. I guess the dual digimatic IV processors are the stuff!
And now back to that 18MP sensor. I am getting used to it. With prime lenses, such as the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4, EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macro, the 18MP sensor rocks and resolves beautifully to each pixel, but with cheap zoom lenses and long telephotos, the usefulness of all those becomes a bit silly, as most of the time the lens cannot resolve to the individual pixel, and there is not that much difference between a RAW and mRAW, in terms of the detail that you see. For everyday use, when I’m not expecting to shoot something to print on a billboard, I simply shoot medium or even small RAW or jpg, which gives more than enough resolution for what I need, without overwhelming my computing capacity. And if I ever feel I need to shoot a large RAW file at the spur of the moment, there is the handy RAW button which automatically takes the next shot as full size RAW image. I guess another issue is that I am not all too impressed with the performance at high ISO, as the tiny pixels seem to struggle a bit to gather enough light and result in more noise than I expect. This is compared to other professional camera’s on the market like the 5D, 1D, and Nikon D3. With that said, I recon there is a still about a half to 1 stop improvement on the 350D in terms of what is acceptable quality at higher ISO. Perhaps I should have waited for the 7D mark ii.

I have attached a few pictures of flying objects I have taken. Not necessary the best photos, but if you consider they were taken on the spur of the moment, when I simply saw the bird, got it in frame, and hit the button, and kept shooting… The most amazing thing, is that every single frame was in focus. So for BIF shots I don’t think you can do much better for the price.

Now I just have to find the time to escape the toddlers to do some photography.


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