40D vs 1D MKIIn comparion

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8 years 1 week ago #19292 by tchagra
tchagra replied the topic: Re: 40D vs 1D MKIIn comparion
The last comment by sulamk is quite correct. There is no such thing as an out of camera image. The camera simply records a mass of data relating to the light falling on a whole lot of spots = RAW image. In order to see that image the camera needs to be told how to interpret that data. With a Canon camera this is set by amongst other things setting the Picture Mode. When you set the picture mode you tell the camera to apply certain values of brightness, contrast, colour saturation and sharpening to the RAW data,without this there is no image to view. ie if you can see the image the camera has already applied these factor to the data.If you take a RAW image what you see has had these values applied to the image but you still have the complete RAW data so you can change the interpretation if you want. If you shoot JPEG only the camera applies these values and saves the result, therefore these values affect what is recorded and you loose data. I know different cameras have differences in their "modes" so a lot of the difference may simply be in camera settings. I think you would need to set everything to a common setting, take exactly the same images and with a range of optimum exposures eg a dark image and a light image as well as an everage. Once you have these you then need to prove to yourself that a minor tweak in one of the key parameters that the camera sets when you set the mode doesn't produce compatible results inn the 2 bodies. There are many advantages to the more professional bodies in terms of things like processor speed , better autofocus etc which affect birds in flight images a lot but I dont believe that you cannot get as good results for a stationery object out of a cheaper body if you know what you are doing. On the other hand like binoculars you can get good results with cheaper lenses if the conditions are all in your favour but given less than perfect conditions the better glass will win every time.


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8 years 6 days ago #19322 by Doug
Doug replied the topic: Re: 40D vs 1D MKIIn comparion
Hi Bruce.

I fully agree and tried to keep everything as close to the same as possible on both cameras by keeping picture styles on standard etc. All on Adobe RGB, no sharpening or anything on the picture styles. All just left as is and both set to Sunlight WB rather than Auto White Balance as both cameras might have a different AWB algorithm.

The main thing that struck me is the difference in AF speed between the two bodies. It is like chalk and cheese. I am actually going to setup a proper "test" environment with both bodies and focus the two bodies on a close object temporarily placed in front of the lens, remove the close object and then using sound recording equipment etc, accurately measure the difference in speed to attain AF on both cameras. I think that will be interesting.

I also want to try some low light ISO 800 noise pixel peeping between the two and see what I get.

Also test if there is chromatic aberration differences between the two sensors on the same lens.


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