Some non-birding photos from Guinea

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8 years 4 months ago #12931 by nkgray
nkgray created the topic: Some non-birding photos from Guinea
In response to a call for other photos from Guinea here we go.

I am not a great photo taker when it comes to non-birding subject matter, as I usually have the long lens on the camera, but I have managed to take a few that will hopefully give you a better feel for my surroundings in this south-eastern corner of Guinea. N'Zérékoré, Guinea's second biggest city at about 300,000 people, is only 15km from the nearest point on the Liberian border and 50km from Ivory Coast to the east, while to the west Sierra Leone sits 180km away.

Many of you know that I am a geologist by profession and I am here in Guinea working on a major exploration project. From Joburg I fly to Paris, then on to Conakry! There is no direct flight from Joburg to Guinea and although it is possible to fly to Abidjan, Accra or Dakar, trying to get to Conakry on a West African airline is a mission, and one would need visas just to stay in transit in these places for a day or two.

From Conakry it is a 90-minute flight by charter plane to N'Zérékoré, if taking the direct route mainly over Sierra Leone, but we usually stop off first at G'Benko airfield near the town of Banankoro, from where it is 2-hour drive to the base camp of our other project.

One of the planes used for our internal flights in Guinea

Literally on Conakry's doorstep are the mangrove swamps and one of the most extensive inter-tidal mudflats on the African continent

a landing at G'Benko - the schools take a long holiday during the rainy season and the local children can the hear the plane coming a long way off

the outskirts of N'Zérékoré from the air

the N'Zérékoré area is full of palm trees, here we are landing at the airfield

the other project area (photo below) lies in Guinea savanna and has a very different bird population to the more forested area that I work in only 175km further south, where we are in the Guinea Forest eco-zone sandwiched between the Ziama Forest reserve to the west (where I went hunting for forest elephants), the Diécké Forest Reserve to the south - both of these important Endemic Birding Areas of BirdLife International - and the Bossou Forest to the east (where I photographed the chimpanzees) which is part of the Mount Nimba World Heritage Site that boasts at least one endangered bird species.

..and if you thought that the bush in the bottom left corner looked familiar you'd be correct - it's a West African protea!

the Diani river in the distance - this is my stamping ground near N'Zérékoré

The drive out to my project area always turns up a bit of local colour....


charcoal vendors...

a small village...

...and when I speak of the "garden" of the house in N'Zérékoré in my bird image posts this is it...

You may have noticed Buzi the dog on the steps of the house, and if you ever watched the movie "Turner and Hooch" and wondered whatever became of that dog, here he is...


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8 years 4 months ago #12933 by waldens@faerieglen
waldens@faerieglen replied the topic: Re: Some non-birding photos from Guinea
Hi Neil,
Thanks a lot from all for a very informative and entertaining post and great pictures !! Although my profession as an electronic engineer has taken me to weird and wonderful place in the world (mostly in India and China) they were always reasonably accessible, your trip to N'Zérékoré puts the Sandton traffic to work seem like something to look forward to, imagine having to get a visa to stop at cnr Main and Witkoppen <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!-- s:o --> . Although I am working on a major book "Birding in Bryans ton Drive" it only has 3 exotic entries and no photos. Our Taxis have not yet worked out there is room on top yet but lets see what happens in the future. I hope you find what you are looking for in the ground and in the trees. Keep the 'photos coming !
Dennis & Amanda
Does the dog <!-- s:biting: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/biting.gif" alt=":biting:" title="Frustration" /><!-- s:biting: --> ?

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