Very young Southern Red Bishop

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8 years 1 month ago #14926 by Dave Shedman
Dave Shedman created the topic: Very young Southern Red Bishop
Christmas Day brought a nice surprise for us, the first baby Southern Red Bishop of this season. When you get as many Bishops in your garden as we do, you soon learn to recognise the plaintive squeaking of the young ones doing the 'feed me, feed me' routine to the adult females.

I don't know whether this female was trying to encourage baby to feed or if she was just fed up with its incessant squeaking and wanted it to go away, but she kept chasing it off the wall by running towards it and, as you'll see in a couple of photos, trying to jump on its back.

Field guides often say "juvenile is duller than adult" but in this case it should be "juvenile is cuter than adult"!

Siamese Bishops?

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