Transitional Cape Weaver

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8 years 7 months ago #12086 by Dave Shedman
Dave Shedman created the topic: Transitional Cape Weaver
This little guy has just become species no.33 on our garden list. We thought we saw a non-breeding Cape Weaver a couple of months ago but never got a close enough look or a photo so we couldn't be sure. This one stuck out like a sore thumb, being bigger than all the other LBJ's on the feeder.

It was early morning and the feeders were still in shade so I had to shoot at ISO 800 (through a not particularly clean bedroom window!), resulting in dark, noisy images but I've managed to clear them up well enough for a positive ID. I'm off down to the vlei with the binocs later to see if they are nesting there alongside the Masked Weavers, otherwise this was probably just an opportunist stop-over having a feed on his way to somewhere else. Would be nice to see some breeding males in the garden this year.

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