Long-legged Buzzard vs Steppe Buzzard - Starting an ID guide

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12 years 1 month ago #371 by Doug
Doug created the topic: Long-legged Buzzard vs Steppe Buzzard - Starting an ID guide
Hi All.

I have been trying to nail this topic down as every book I read and every expert I talk to has a different opinion.

Here is what I have gathered so far.

Long-legged Buzzard appears longer winged than Steppe Buzzard and when seen together is noticable bigger.

Although both can have a completely unbarred tail, Long-legged Buzzard tends to have an almost peach coloured translucent tail.

Most adult Long-legged Buzzards tend to be very pale headed and almost look white-headed.

Due to the difference in size, there is a difference in flight style. Long-legged Buzzard tends to soar on thermals much more like and eagle that Steppe Buzzard.
Also due to the bigger wings, the wings tend to flap far more slwoly that do those of Steppe Buzzard.
Overall, Long-legged Buzzard will tend to remind you far more of an Eagle in flight style.

Due to the traditional habitat of Long-legged buzzard, it will prefer hunting from rocks near the ground, often ignoring tree pearches nearby.

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