Tropical Birdland - Desford, Leicestershire

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nkgray created the topic: Tropical Birdland - Desford, Leicestershire
Last Friday I spent all day driving from Surrey to Durham (some 300 miles), mainly because I set aside 3 hours for a side excursion to Tropical Birdland ( ) in Desford, Leicestershire, very close to the main M1 motorway and at about half distance on my journey.

The main attraction at Tropical Birdland is a large variety of Psittaciformes - parrots, parakeets, macaws, lovebirds, cockatoos, etc. However, they also have an excellent walk-through aviary with an eclectic collection of other (smaller) species from around the world. They can be seen flying around, nest-building, feeding and drinking while you relax on strategically placed benches and just wait for things to happen and take your photos.

This first post is dedicated to the walk-through aviary and subsequent ones to the parrots.

So with no particular logic, here are -

Diamond Firetail - an Australian finch

Emerald Starling - a Data Deficient and very patchily distributed West African starling. I was fortunate enough to see a flock of 40-50 of these in Guinea 5 years ago.

Fischer's Turaco - a green turaco from coastal Kenya and Tanzania

the familiar Grey-headed Kingfisher

Java Sparrow - despite its name a finch and first cousin of the Bronze Mannikin from Indonesia

Long-tailed Glossy Starling - another West (and Central) African starling

I'm sure you've heard of the baseball team the St. Louis Cardinals
- well here it is, the North American Northern Cardinal

Red-billed Leiothrix a.k.a. Peking Robin, from the Indian sub-continent

Red-tailed Laughingthrush from south-east Asia

Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat widely distributed in West and Central Africa

Village Weaver - this one a male of the East to West African sub-species nigriceps

White-headed Buffalo Weaver from East Africa

another familiar face the Yellow-crowned Bishop, both male and female

Finally, the Yellow-throated Leaflove a Central and West African bulbul


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