Birdland - Bourton-on-the-water, Gloucestershire [4]

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3 years 5 months ago #86771 by nkgray
nkgray created the topic: Birdland - Bourton-on-the-water, Gloucestershire [4]
Having only managed an all too short 1-hour sortie through BirdLand on my first trip I paid another much more leisurely visit yesterday to see all the species I missed first time and to really spend time trying to get some good photos. Below some of both categories.

White-bellied Go-away-bird widespread in east and central Africa

Western Plantain-eater widespread in west and central Africa, first cousin of the go-away-birds

Nicobar Pigeon closest living relative of the Dodo, found on small islands and in coastal regions from the Nicobar Islands, east through the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomons and Palau

Scaled Quail common bird of the south-western US to central Mexico

male Siamese Fireback from south-east Asia and a national bird of Thailand

female Grey Peacock-Pheasant from eastern Asia and national bird of Myanmar

male Crested Partridge from southern Myanmar and Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo

Yellow-shouldered Amazon from northern Colombia and Venezuela

Eurasian Stone-curlew member of the Thick-knee family

Tawny Frogmouth - Gordon, I'd much rather be seeing this one at Moggill Ferry Wetland <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon/lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: -->

male and female Bare-faced Curassow of south-eastern South America

male and female Helmeted Curassow an Endangered Species from the eastern Andes of Colombia and Venezuela


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3 years 5 months ago #86772 by gordon
gordon replied the topic: Re: Birdland - Bourton-on-the-water, Gloucestershire [4]
Great photos Neil!
You'll enjoy photographing the birds here in Oz including the Frogmouth!

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