Paul Roux a work in progress.

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10 years 1 month ago #6574 by Doug
Doug created the topic: Paul Roux a work in progress.
Hi all.

I havce just finished changing all the globes in the cottage to copact flourescents.

Interesting thing... I recon Paul Roux is an example of how we all can live within our means. There are continual water restrictions in the town. not because there is a drought but the entire towns water comes from borehole so everyone has to live within the means of what the local environment can produce.

It is really nice not having a municipal grain either. We are to lazy and to wastefull and often flush tocxic and harmful chemicals down our drains in JHB as it is easy to do. You can't in Paul Roux. Our cottage has a septic tank and the grey water goes on to the garden. In short if you was a paint brush off and flush it down the drain, you will simply have paint in your garden. It really makes you think before you generate waste as you can't just pass it on to someone else to deal with.

I have done some reading and found thi link on greywater systems. If anyone has any other info on greywater systems please let me know.


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