An autum/winter trip to Kgomo-kgomo

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11 years 10 months ago #1843 by Doug
Doug created the topic: An autum/winter trip to Kgomo-kgomo
Hi all.

We started off at Pienaar's river with some nice early morning birding. The morning chorus gave us a reasonable winter start to the day but most of our list was on call and very little was actually seen. Of note though was a calling WILLOW WARBLER which might be a little late in leaving this year.

We then headed onto Kgom-kgomo to meet Christelle from EWT to assist with her report on collisions at the bridge. She was saying that any red data bird species in area would assist in motiviating intervention by Eskom so please email her with any Red Data species you are aware of for the last few years. I did mention Rufous-bellied heron and the Crake.
Of interest was a wetland on Crake road that had about 20 YELLOW-BILLED STORK. We also got a nice collection of Egrets including Great, Little, Cattle and Yellow-billed, together with Black Heron.

We got a few general wetland birds and headed back to Zaagkuilsdrif. Of interest was the amazingly large nubers of both BURCHELL'S STARLING and CRIMSON-BREASTED SHRIKE that werein the road. We added a few reasonable grassland and woodland species and finished of at Roetz's farm were we did not add to much but a Black crake out in the open wwas nice to see, together with three COMB DUCK.

Here is a full species list.

004 Crested Francolin Bos Patrys
014 Swainsons Spurfowl Bosveld Fisant
020 Helmeted Guineafowl Gewone Tarentaal
022 White-faced Duck Nonnetjie Eend
025 Egyptian Goose Kol Gans
028 Comb Duck Knobbel Eend
036 Red-billed Teal Rooibek Eend
068 Black-collared Barbet Rooikop Houtkapper
069 Crested Barbet Kuifkop Houtkapper
071 Red-billed Hornbill Rooibek Neushoringvoël
073 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Geelbek Neushoringvoël
076 African Grey Hornbill Grys Neushoringvoël
086 Lilac-breasted Roller Gewone Troupant
099 Pied Kingfisher Bont Visvanger
110 Speckled Mousebird Gevlekte Muisvoël
111 Red-faced Mousebird Rooiwang Muisvoël
131 Burchells Coucal Gewone Vleiloerie
159 Grey Go-away-bird Kwêvoël
169 Pearl-spotted Owlet Witkol Uil
180 Speckled Pigeon Krans Duif
185 Laughing Dove Rooibors Duifie
187 Cape Turtle-Dove Gewone Tortelduifie
188 Red-eyed Dove Grootring Duif
189 Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove Groenvlek Duifie
192 Namaqua Dove Namakwa Duifie
217 Black Crake Swart Riethaan
221 African Purple Swamphen Grootkoning Riethaan
224 Common Moorhen Groot Waterhoender
268 African Jacana Groot Langtoon
283 Three-banded Plover Drieband Strandkiewiet
297 Crowned Lapwing Kroon Kiewiet
348 Black-shouldered Kite Blou Valk
414 Little Grebe Klein Dobbertjie
425 Reed Cormorant Riet Duiker
431 Black Heron Swart Reier
432 Little Egret Klein Witreier
434 Yellow-billed Egret Geelbek Witreier
435 Great Egret Groot Witreier
438 Grey Heron Blou Reier
439 Black-headed Heron Swartkop Reier
441 Purple Heron Rooi Reier
442 Cattle Egret Vee Reier
443 Squacco Heron Ral Reier
447 Black-crowned Night-Heron Gewone Nagreier
455 Glossy Ibis Glans Ibis
458 African Sacred Skoorsteenveër
459 African Spoonbill Lepelaar
462 Yellow-billed Stork Nimmersat
539 Fork-tailed Drongo Mikstert Byvanger
542 Brubru Bontrok Laksman
550 Southern Boubou Suidelike Waterfiskaal
551 Crimson-breasted Shrike Rooibors Laksman
565 Chinspot Batis Witlies Bosbontrokkie
571 Pied Crow Witbors Kraai
577 Magpie Shrike Langstert Laksman
633 Long-billed Crombec Bosveld Stompstert
637 Burnt-necked Eremomela Bruinkeel Bossanger
655 Willow Warbler Hof Sanger
661 Arrow-marked Babbler Pylvlek Katlagter
665 Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler Bosveld Tjeriktik
675 Rattling Cisticola Bosveld Tinktinkie
686 Zitting Cisticola Landery Klopkloppie
691 Tawny-flanked Prinia Bruinsy Langstertjie
692 Black-chested Prinia Swartband Langstertjie
716 Sabota Lark Sabota Lewerik
732 Chestnut-backed Sparrowlark Rooirug Lewerik
754 Marico Flycatcher Marico Vlieëvanger
775 White-browed Scrub-Robin Gestreepte Wipstert
786 Capped Wheatear Hoëveld Skaapwagter
799 Cape Glossy Starling Klein Glansspreeu
803 Burchells Starling groot Glansspreeu
809 Common Myna Indiese Spreeu
836 Scaly-feathered Baardmannetjie
837 White-browed Sparrow-weaver Koringvoël
845 Southern Masked-Weaver Swartkeel Geelvink
853 Red-billed Quelea Rooibek Kwelea
856 Southern Red Bishop Rooi Vink
866 African Quailfinch Gewonoe Kwartelvinkie
867 Red-headed Finch Rooikop Vink
879 Blue Waxbill Gewone Blousysie
891 Pin-tailed Whydah Koning Rooibekkie
902 Cape Sparrow Gewone Mossie
919 African Pipit Gewone Koester

Total: 84

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