Ecuador - the upper Amazon [4]

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3 years 10 months ago #86600 by nkgray
nkgray created the topic: Ecuador - the upper Amazon [4]
One of the highlights of a visit to La Selva is a climb to the top of the observation tower built around a huge emergent Kapok tree. The platform at a height of 35m above the ground is within the spreading canopy of this huge tree. From this vantage point you can see for hundreds of metres in all directions, as well as down into the mid-stratum immediately around the tree and of course into the canopy of the tree itself.

I managed to see 40 species from the platform in 90 minutes. Photography is again a mission. The following two images illustrate why. The first shows the full image and the second a 640x480 crop from the centre of the image revealing the object of my attention, a Lineated Woodpecker

Others captured from this lofty perch, with varying degrees of success are....

male Green Honeycreeper

male Green-and-gold Tanager

Pink-throated Becard, male and female

Spangled Cotinga

White-fronted Nunbird

Yellow-browed Tody-Flycatcher

White-lored Euphonia, male and female

Grey-headed Kite


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3 years 10 months ago #86601 by John Young
John Young replied the topic: Re: Ecuador - the upper Amazon [4]
Great report and pics of some stunning looking birds Neil - thanks for sharing.

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