Galapagos Islands - the Darwin finches

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nkgray created the topic: Galapagos Islands - the Darwin finches
There are 14 species of endemic finches on the Galapagos, the so-called "Darwin Finches" (After splits in early 2017 this is now 17 species). I saw and photographed 9 (now 10) of them, most of the others being restricted to areas not accessed by most Galapagos tours. Although some of them are easy to distinguish, it is the relative size, shape and structure of the bill that is the key discriminator in separating some of these finch species. So, although I was sure in my own mind what I had seen when I photographed them the time lag to processing and posting may have caused a few "gremlins" to creep in. Apologies if some of my IDs are incorrect.

There are 4 (now 5) species of Ground Finch, with an essentially all dark male and a pale streaked female.

Sharp-beaked Ground Finch immature male ssp difficilis, Genovesa Island --- (Since I saw this one on Genovesa Island this is now split as the Genovesa Ground Finch)

Small Ground Finch - male & female

Medium Ground Finch - male & female

Large Ground Finch - male & female

There are 2 (now 3) Cactus Finches, fortunately on different islands, but one of them has sub-species with very different bills.

Common Cactus Finch - female

Large Cactus Finch - male & female ssp conirostris, Española Island --- (Since I saw this one on Española Island this is now split as the Española Cactus Finch)

Large Cactus Finch - female ssp propinqua, Genovesa Island

and now the Tree Finches ---

Large Tree Finch - female ssp psittacula, Santa Cruz Island --- (I now believe that this may be the Vegetarian Finch)

Small Tree Finch - male & female ssp parvulus, Santa Cruz Island

The last one is the Green Warbler Finch, in which the sexes are alike, but there are 8 sub-species

Green Warbler-Finch ssp mentalis, Genovesa Island


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