Galapagos Islands - final seabirds

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The Galapagos are home to the only penguin living and breeding in the tropics. The total population of the endangered endemic Galapagos Penguin fluctuates with ocean water temperatures - in El Nino periods the population declines - but rarely reaches any more than 800 individuals. These are scattered throughout the islands and one needs to catch them just after first light before they head into the water and disperse for their daily feeding.

By far the most impressive of the Galapagos seabirds is the critically endangered endemic Waved Albatross, which breeds only on the island of Española.

Adult feeding young by squirting regurgitated fish oil into its beak.



The name "Waved" apparently derives from the stippled texture of the brownish feathers of the chest beneath the white throat and neck

A fairly common inshore bird is the Brown Pelican

Adult in flight

Adult swallowing fish after a successful dive



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