Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 11; tanagers

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nkgray created the topic: Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 11; tanagers
Part 11 is devoted to another diverse Family, the Thraupidae or tanagers. Much genetic work is being on this family and genera are moving in and out with monotonous regularity. The family contains Cardinals that are not cardinals, Finches that are not finches, etc., etc.!

Hepatic Tanager [Ibera] - male

Blue Dacnis [Iguassu] - male and female

Green-headed Tanager [Iguassu] - male

Lesser Grass Finch [Ibera] - another of the "ID only" photos

Long-tailed Reed Finch [Ibera]

Pampa Finch [Ibera]

Magpie Tanager [Iguassu]

Ruby-crowned Tanager [Iguassu] - male; the ruby crown is described in my field guide as "a hidden ruby crown"!

Saffron Finch [Iguassu] - male and female

Rusty-collared Seedeater [Ibera] - male

White-lined Tanager [Ibera] - female

Swallow Tanager [Iguassu]

Red-crested Cardinal [Ibera]

Yellow-billed Cardinal [Ibera]

Sayaca Tanager [Ibera]


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