Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 10; tyrant flycatchers

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nkgray created the topic: Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 10; tyrant flycatchers
Part 10 is devoted to a very diverse Family, the Tyrannidae or tyrant flycatchers. They are diverse both as regards appearance and in terms of habitat.

Cattle Tyrant [Ibera] - living up to his name taking a ride on the back of a cow

Fork-tailed Flycatcher [Iguassu] - a very handsome migrant to these parts

Great Kiskadee [Ibera] - a very common resident; up there with the Rufous Hornero as one of the birds you can not miss.

Grey Monjita [Ibera]

White Monjita [Ibera]

The Vulnerable Strange-tailed Tyrant [Ibera] - male and female

male Vermilion Flycatcher [Ibera]

Yellow-bellied Elaenia [Iguassu] - the elaenias like the cisticolas are best separated on call

Yellow-browed Tyrant [Ibera]

White-headed MarshTyrant [Ibera] - male and female

Now two more difficult to separate species purely on looks - I hope my guides got it right. The first was seen at Iguassu the second at Ibera, but in totally different environments. The second could be present at Iguassu, but the first would not be seen at Ibera. The first was also located by call, so hopefully these two IDs are OK.

Fuscous Flycatcher [Iguassu]

Bran-coloured Flycatcher [Ibera]

Lastly a pair of photos that were taken as "ID aids". When you are dealing with canopy birds the difference between 18 cm and 20 cm is not that readily apparent. However when one of the pair of very similarly coloured and marked birds has a much bigger and bulkier beak then even long-distance photos can help. Both of these are migrant species.

Streaked Flycatcher [Iguassu]

Variegated Flycatcher [Iguassu]


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