Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 6; cuckoos-woodpeckers

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nkgray created the topic: Argentina/Brazil - Iguassu-Ibera part 6; cuckoos-woodpeckers
Now we start getting to some of the more interesting birds. First the cuckoos.

Smooth-billed Ani - [Iguassu - Argentina]

Squirrel Cuckoo - [Iguassu - Argentina]

Striped Cuckoo - [Ibera]

Guira Cuckoo - [Ibera]; a total of 11 birds was foraging in a group in the damp grass of the grounds of my lodge on the edge of the wetlands. One found himself a frog and quickly beat a hasty retreat with his prize.

Now for the woodpeckers .....

a male Campo (or Field) Flicker - [Iguassu - Brazil]; a very common bird; cf. Ground Woodpecker

a female Checkered Woodpecker - [Ibera]; cf. Cardinal Woodpecker

a male Green-barred Woodpecker - [Ibera]; cf. Bennett's Woodpecker

White Woodpecker - [Iguassu - Brazil]

a female Blond-crested Woodpecker - [Iguassu - Argentina]

...and to finish a couple of "pygmy' woodpeckers, only 9cm - woodpeckers the size of penduline tits!

a male Ochre-collared Piculet - [Ibera]

a female White-barred Piculet - [Ibera]; I had to push the lens into a thick acacia bush to get this little beauty from only 2-3m away - she just carried on tapping away at the trunk


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