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12 years 2 weeks ago #1334 by Doug
Doug created the topic: A very succesful Kgomo-kgomo visit
HI all.

Myself, Gordon King and Eric Ehlers headed up to Kgomo-kgomo and Zaagkuilsdrif on Sunday.

We started of at the flood plain, which was increadibly flooded. We picked up very large flocks of Yellow-billed Stork and an amazing number of Black-crowned Night-herons. Other than that the special, although not seen, must have been the Greater Painted-snipes heard calling.

We then set off to try and get our main target species, Thrush Nightingale.
We had several Chestnut-vented Tit-babblers that seem to have learned the call which made it very frustrating and we ended up dipping on that.

We bumped into the people from Birdlife Northern Gauteng that were on an outin glead by Andre Marx. They had told us of 4 African Crakes at a puddle in the road so we set off. We managed to get a very fleeting glimpse of one as it dissapeared into the grass on the edge of the flooded road.

We then headed back towards the floodplain and saw the BLNG group all excitedly training their binoculars on something. Getting out of the car, we found out they were looking at an Olive-tree Warbler which gave amazing flypast views. Waiting for the group to move off for a few minutes, I got out my recording equipment and got some very nice recordings of its call. It was a lifer for me so it was amazing to get both a view and a recording of a lifer on the very first occasion of seeing it.
Also heard at the same spot was Barred Wren-warbler. Andre Also pointed out a Levaillant's Cuckoo.

We headed back and again met up with the BLNG group and at the floodplain we got an excellent array of duck species and a few waders.
We also picked up the usual Chestnut-backed Sparrowlark at the floodplain bridge.

Heading back to finish off on Zaagkuilsdrif, we gave one more shot at the Thrush Nightingale and again were frustrated by immitating Tit-babblers.

We ended up at the last wetland / dam as you head towards Pienaar's river and got some nice sound recordings of Little Grebe and nice variation of the Common Waxbill call as well as a recording of a massive chorus of Burchell's Starlings.

Overall the area was really amazing and the flooded sections of the road gave a surreal experience as although they were passable in an ordinary car with reasonable clearance e.g. a tazz, the sound of watter lapping against the floorpan of the car just like a boat and the bubbling sound as the exhaust outlets kept dipping into the water made for a strange motoring experience.

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