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Noel Ashton's latest creation. An intimate look at an egret preening. breathtaking!!!!Noel Ashton’s 52-Artworks : A Year in Nature#37 White light – egret preening (910mm x 610mm acrylic on stretched canvas) Working with light and colour makes the painter feel like an alchemist of the sun, for in the same way as the air gives voice to the flute, so too does the sun give the gift of light, which, when passed through a prism, offers a rainbow to the artist. But every now and again the sun becomes visible with an unusual clarity, moments which inspire and can become the focus of a painting. The egret shown here only held out its wing for a few brief seconds before rotating its elegant neck in the other direction and starting to settle the feathers on its back, but those few seconds were enough to fix my attention and inspire a wish to share the moment. But, as with many ideas, that brief moment led to many more as I then needed to better understand what I had seen, so many hours were spent watching and sketching egrets before the process of starting the painting in the studio even began. One of the big challenges that faced me in this work was the almost total absence of colour, with everything being reduced down to the endless shades that join black to white, and it was only whilst fusing the shades, bringing lightness back to areas which had become too dark, or adding highlights to dark areas that I began to fully appreciate the complexity and range of the shades available. Noel Ashton’s Wildlife Studio – <!-- w -->[url=" onclick=";return false;][/url]<!-- w --> To follow Noel Ashton’s Wildlife Studio on Facebook : for your favourite print by 'liking' it. Every month everybody who liked the most popular image will go into a draw to win one of the limited-edition prints! 52-Artworks : A Year in Nature is a social media initiative of Cape Town-based wildlife artist Noel Ashton. For the period of a year he is sharing a journey of his encounters with nature, and by posting a new artwork each week he offers us the opportunity to share his journey as well as his thoughts around each piece. Africa Geographic will be posting each new artwork weekly in this album. Visit the Blog at and you can share it with anyone you feel might be interested in following Noel’s journey. To find out more about Noel’s work visit his website <!-- w -->[url=" onclick=";return false;][/url]<!-- w --> You can also purchase these prints from Africa Geographic:

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