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Something to send you off into quiet contemplation as the day draws to a close...Noel Ashton’s 52-Artworks : A Year in Nature#32 Falcon– 910mm x 760mm acrylic on stretched canvas There are times when little needs to be said, and the completion of this painting seems to be one of them. I could speak to you of the creative process and the interplay of light and dark, or the symbolism of the falcon and what they evoke in us, or I could explore the deeper meaning behind this particular piece, but I feel that this is one of those times when the work must stand alone, without words, and speak for itself… Noel Ashton’s Wildlife Studio – HYPERLINK " " <!-- w -->[url=" onclick=";return false;][/url]<!-- w --> To follow Noel Ashton’s Wildlife Studio on Facebook : <!-- w --> <!-- w --> for your favourite print by 'liking' it. Every month everybody who liked the most popular image will go into a draw to win one of the limited-edition prints! 52-Artworks : A Year in Nature is a social media initiative of Cape Town-based wildlife artist Noel Ashton. For the period of a year he is sharing a journey of his encounters with nature, and by posting a new artwork each week he offers us the opportunity to share his journey as well as his thoughts around each piece. Africa Geographic will be posting each new artwork weekly in this album. Visit the Blog at and you can share it with anyone you feel might be interested in following Noel’s journey. To find out more about Noel’s work visit his website <!-- w -->[url=" onclick=";return false;][/url]<!-- w --> You can also purchase these prints from Africa Geographic:

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