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8 years 3 months ago #13723 by Bird Nuts
Bird Nuts created the topic: BBD report back
I decided to tackle the SABAP2 category in BBD this year, and tackled pentad 2510_2815, which is located at the eastern end of the Zaagkuildrift road and includes the MCPA Dam. I set myself some stiff targets for the day (100 species by 06:30; 140 species for the day; 10 raptor species), and dipped on all of them!! I guess I was somewhat over-optimistic....

Nonetheless, it was a great days birding. I ticked my 100th bird (a Yellowbilled Hornbill) at just before 07:00am, but by that time had already added Pallid Harrier and African Finfoot to my list! Both these species landed me with regional rarity forms, with the African Finfoot being the first record for the pentad. In case anyone feels like chasing the Finfoot, it was recorded in the old Pienaars river bed (i.e. not in the spillway) below the MCPA Dam (this is private land and access needs to be arranged - see the Chamberlain Guide to Birding Gauteng). The Pallid Harrier was recorded flying low over the reeds to the south of the dam. Other interesting birds around the dam included Southern Pied Babblers (just downstream of the dam) and a stunning Kurrichane Buttonquail!

All in all the pentad produced 131 species, including 9 new species for the pentad (if the African Finfoot is accepted by the Rarities panel). The pentad species list now stands on 261 species!

To cap off the day, I stopped on the Pienaars River bridge on the R101 (still within the same pentad) on my way back to Pretoria, and promptly ran into another African Finfoot!!! The bird was seen cruising along the edge of the river channel in and out of the overhanging vegetation, as finfoots do. It seems to me this section of the Pienaars River (that is upstream of the floodplain) is ideal habitat for the finfoots with the dense riverside vegetation and might well turn out to be a rewarding stakeout for this species.

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8 years 3 months ago #13733 by Birdlover
Birdlover replied the topic: Re: BBD report back
Wow , i think you did well. Congrats.

<!-- s:bouncy: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bouncy.gif" alt=":bouncy:" title="Enthusiastic" /><!-- s:bouncy: --> Wish i was there to see the Pallid Harrier and Karrichane Button Quail.

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