Inhaca Island December 2010 trip report

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Jenni created the topic: Inhaca Island December 2010 trip report
I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Inhaca Island off the Mozambican coast early December. I was not planning on doing much birding, but the possibility of several new lifers had me grabbing my binoculars and camera daily. After snorkelling the closest reef I was torn between birding and snorkelling and the 10 days turned out to be too short to do enough of both.

Inhaca Island was one of the most difficult places for birding I’ve ever visited. The coastal vegetation is extremely dense and the birds very wild – I realised the reason for the wild birds when I saw several young boys with slingshots on a daily basis. I managed one trip to the mangroves to try and find a Mangrove Kingfisher but had no luck, but did see Little Egrets, Grey Herons and what I assume are Reed Cormorants (see photos). After photographing some birds we decided to snorkel in the mangroves – something I never considered doing but I was pleasantly surprised – it was breathtakingly beautiful!

Sombre Greenbuls are more abundant than Dark-capped Bulbuls and we saw Olive Sunbirds feeding on the palm tree flowers every day. Yellow-rumped Tinkerbirds are also very common but the most common bird of all – the House Crow! Apparently the local authorities attempt to wipe out the whole population of Crows every few years but they recover too fast for them to keep up. I saw Trumpeter Hornbills on several occasions but never close enough for a good photo. The highlight of the trip was seeing a pair of Black-throated Wattle-eyes and Trumpeter Hornbills. I will definitely be going back to Inhaca Island to try and find the ones I missed like Mangrove Kingfisher, White-eared Barbet, Crowned Hornbill and Southern White-faced Scops-owl.
Here is a list of the birds I can remember seeing, and a few photo’s of some of them:

Village Weaver
Spectacled Weaver
African Pied Wagtail
Purple-banded Sunbird
Olive Sunbird
Amethyst Sunbird
Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Violet-backed Starling
White-browed Robin Chat
Kurrichane Thrush
Green-backed Camaroptera
Tawny-flanked Prinia
African Yellow White-eye
Arrow-marked Babbler
Sombre Greenbul
Dark-capped Bulbul
Terrestrial Brownbul
Pied Crow
House Crow
Chinspot Batis
Black-throated Wattle-eye
Orange Breasted Bush Shrike
Southern Boubou
Black-backed Puffback
Square-tailed Drongo
African Paradise-Flycatcher
Pink-backed Pelican
African Sacred Ibis
Grey Heron
Little Egret
Reed Cormorant
White-breasted Cormorant
Southern-banded Snake Eagle
Caspian Tern
Emerald-spotted Wood dove (on the beach!)
Red-eyed Dove
Purple-crested Turaco
Burchell’s Coucal
Diederik Cuckoo
Little Bee-eater
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Trumpeter Hornbill
Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird
Red-necked Spurfowl race Swinnertoni
Helmeted Guineafowl
Common Sandpiper
Common Greenshank
Common Whimbrel

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