Crowned Eagle and Eurasian Swallows

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12 years 1 month ago #481 by Billy Gray
Billy Gray created the topic: Crowned Eagle and Eurasian Swallows
Hi All

I have just returned from a short trip down the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast and was fortunate enough to see a juvenile Crowned Eagle in its nest at San Lameer. Unfortunately I never got to see the adult birds and it had left the nest the day I left January 15 but none the less it was rather spectacular.

Another interesting sighting I had was that of Eurasian Swallows nesting overnight in the reed beds at Marina Beach. We visited the site at about 19H00 hours. While you sit there the sky literally changes colour as thousands of birds group together and then literally dive bomb down into the reed beds to settle over night. The entire spectical takes no longer than 6 -8 minutes and it is over. There is also a fair amonut of chirping from the birds until the last swallow lands and then it is as if someone says lights out and it is silent.

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