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10 years 11 months ago #4223 by Doug
Doug created the topic: lifers for last week
Hi all.

Just a few lifers and special sightings to report from Richards Bay.

The Wessa Education center produced (for me at any rate), lifers in Eastern Olive Sunbird and Collared Sunbird. Wood Owl was also heard but was not a lifer for me in any event.

Moving on to Richards bay we visited Muzi pan and Mkuze on our transit day and i picked up Black-Winged lapwiung and African Pygmy Goose as lifers.

Finally at Richards Bay lifers were initially slow but at Southern Sancutary I added Greater Sand Plover, Terek Sandpiper and Little Tern.

My 8th lifers was 4 seperate sigthings of African Finfoot in two hours on the Nseleni River.

The total haul of 9 lifers was completed with Dark-backed Weaver.

Considering I still, in the entire week, missed stupid things like Scarlet-chested Sunbird and African Goshawk when the entire camp watched it fly overhead for 20 minutes while I was sleeping I would say only a mediocre haul was achieved. One day I will be blessed with sigthings of the truely rare Scarlet Chested Sunbird, a bird that is so secretive and hard to find that it has gone completely undiscovered by me for more than 20 years. This species, in my opinion is now thought to be regionally extinct <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: -->
Other severely threatened birds that only the select few got to see were Southern Banded Snake-eagle (seen by half the group but not me), Tambourine Dove (seen by 75% of the group but not me) and a few others. Whilst nine lifers is not bad I would have to rate it as the unluckiest birding I have ever done. We missed Black Coucal by 10 minutes with our guide. He was watching it while waiting for us to arrive. The GARUNTEED pels Fishing Owl had leaft recently due to the drought. Lesser Jacana had left Muzi Pan a week before we arrived in the area. The easy to find Neergard's Sunbird was not found at the Mkuze picnic site and the pacific golden plover that was reported to have been seen at Southern Sanctuary was simply not there when over 40 birders arrived for a two hour

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