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11 years 5 months ago #2877 by Doug
Doug created the topic: Garingboom Guest Farm
I had a chance recently to overnight at Garingboom Guest Farm and what a pleasure it was. This is a definitive must on anyone’s birding calendar.

On the way down I went through Kimberley to get the Bradfield's Swift. Unfortunately the Big Hole is closed due to safety reasons and the surrounding ground looks like it is occupied by vagrants so I dipped on the Bradfield's Swift there.

I finally got down to Garingboom and was amazed at what a beautiful area it is and the setting for the cottages is breathtaking. That night at about midnight, I grabbed my recording gear and went for a walk. I was overwhelmed by all the bird calls as that time of night and heard Rufous-cheeked Nightjar and the nearby wetland has calling Greater Painted-snipe. I was also surrounded by the calls of a few Jackal. Just as I was heading towards the house again, I had Blue Korhaan calling at very close range and got stunning recordings.

The next morning after breakfast Riette, the owner of the farm, took me for a drive around the farm. Very quickly we got Kimberley Pipit which even obliged with a recording. My first of quite a few lifers.

Further on we got another Kimberley Pipit and a Sickle-winged Chat.

In the next paddock we got Double-Banded Courser and Burchell's Courser within 100m of each other and the Burchell's Courser were with their two young that had recently fledged. The Burchell's Courser was also a lifer for me.

Further on we got in quick succession Eastern Clapper Lark, Large-Billed Lark (Which also offered a recording), Ludwig's Bustard and Melodious Lark. Another two lifers.

Further on we got Springbok and Black Wildebeest, both of which were apparently naturally occurring when the farm was established and not introduced.

Towards the end of our drive we got Rufous-eared Warbler which is a species if have been wanting to see for a long time. Lifer number five.

I then headed for home going through Jaagersfontein. When I got there the town was rich with Pale-winged Starling. I stopped at the Tuisnywerheid two shops north of the Glass Studio. I asked for someone to take me to the Big Hole that is apparently bigger than the one at Kimberley. For a mere R5.00 I was taken there and saw both Alpine Swift and Bradfield's Swift. Trust me it is very difficult to see the diagnostic feature of Bradfield's. You really need a good view. What you are looking for is the median secondary coverts. They are lighter than the rest of the uniform brown upperwing and creates a small 4 feather light square panel in the middle of the innerwing. All in all this, currently is a better option in my opinion than Kimberley and you are not birding in a CBD.

It was getting late and I had to really start heading home.

I still needed Orange River White-eye. This is really easy. Just get to Bloemfontein, take an offramp into one of the suburbs and listen for a call somewhere between a Cape White-eye and the jumbled call of a Warbler. It took me exactly three minutes to find a pair on the pavement of someone's house and off I was home with a total of 7 lifers for the trip.

The Kimberley Pipit call is available as a recording for you to add to your existing bird call collection.

Here is a full list of what I managed to see.

20 Helmeted Guineafowl Gewone Tarentaal
22 White-faced Duck Nonnetjie Eend
25 Egyptian Goose Kol Gans
26 South African Shelduck Koper Eend
30 Cape Teal Teel Eend
33 Yellow-billed Duck Geelbek Eend
36 Red-billed Teal Rooibek Eend
40 Southern Pochard Bruin Eend
50 Red-throated Draaihals
69 Crested Barbet Kuifkop Houtkapper
80 African Hoephoep
111 Red-faced Mousebird Rooiwang Muisvoël
131 Burchells Coucal Gewone Vleiloerie
144 African Palm-Swift Palm Windswael
145 Alpine Swift Witpens Windswael
150 Bradfields Swift Muiskleur Windswael
151 Little Swift Klein Windswael
153 White-rumped Swift Witkruis Windswael
176 Rufous-cheeked Nightjar Rooiwang Naguil
180 Speckled Pigeon Krans Duif
185 Laughing Dove Rooibors Duifie
192 Namaqua Dove Namakwa Duifie
195 Ludwigs Bustard Ludwigse Pou
199 Northern Black Korhaan Witvlerk Korhaan
224 Common Moorhen Groot Waterhoender
252 Little Stint Klein Strandlooper
260 Curlew Sandpiper Krombek Strandlooper
263 Ruff Kemphaan
267 Greater Painted-snipe Goud Snip
275 Black-winged Stilt Rooipoot Elsie
283 Three-banded Plover Drieband Strandkiewiet
291 Blacksmith Lapwing Bont Kiewiet
297 Crowned Lapwing Kroon Kiewiet
299 Double-banded Courser Dubbelband Drawwertjie
302 Burchells Courser Bloukop Drawwertjie
348 Black-shouldered Kite Blou Valk
401 Greater Kestrel Groot Rooivalk
414 Little Grebe Klein Dobbertjie
415 Great Crested Grebe Kuifkop Dobbertjie
434 Yellow-billed Egret Geelbek Witreier
439 Black-headed Heron Swartkop Reier
453 Greater Flamingo Groot Flamink
455 Glossy Ibis Glans Ibis
456 Hadeda Hadeda
458 African Sacred Skoorsteenveër
459 African Lepelaar
552 Bokmakierie Bokmakierie
571 Pied Crow Witbors Kraai
576 Common Fiscal Fiskaal Laksman
603 Greater Striped Swallow Grootstreep Swael
608 South African Cliff-Swallow Familie Swael
614 Dark-capped Bulbul Swartoog Tiptol
650 Lesser Swamp-Warbler Kaapse Rietsanger
665 Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler Bosveld Tjeriktik
671 Orange River White-eye Gariep Glasogie
686 Zitting Cisticola Landery Klopkloppie
692 Black-chested Prinia Swartband Langstertjie
698 Rufous-eared Warbler Rooioor Langstertjie
710 Melodious Lark Spot Lewerik
714 Eastern Clapper Lark Hoëveld Klappertjie
724 Spike-heeled Lark Vlak Lewerik
734 Red-capped Lark Rooikop Lewerik
739 Large-billed Lark Dikbek Lewerik
750 Karoo Thrush Geelbek Lyster
783 Mountain Wheatear Berg Wagter
788 Sickle-winged Chat Vlake Spekvreter
792 Anteating Chat Swart Piek
796 Pale-winged Starling Bleekvlerk Spreeu
806 Pied Starling Witgat Spreeu
807 Wattled Starling Lel Spreeu
809 Common Myna Indiese Spreeu
837 White-browed Koringvoël
845 Southern Masked-Weaver Swartkeel Geelvink
853 Red-billed Quelea Rooibek Kwelea
862 Long-tailed Widowbird Langstert Flap
866 African Quailfinch Gewonoe Kwartelvinkie
879 Blue Waxbill Gewone Blousysie
900 House Sparrow Huis Mossie
902 Cape Sparrow Gewone Mossie
903 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow Gryskop Mossie
907 Cape Wagtail Gewone Kwikkie
914 Cape Longclaw Oranje Kalkoentjie
919 African Pipit Gewone Koester
925 Kimberley Pipit Kimberley Koester
932 Cape Canary Kaapse Kanarie
938 Yellow Canary Geel Kanarie

Total: 86

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