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New Bird Book, Garden Birds in Southern Africa


This accessible and inspirational guide will help you to create a bird-friendly garden wherever you are in southern Africa. It discusses garden habitats and how to create them, ideas for providing water, food and nest sites for birds, and it profiles a range of trees, shrubs and grasses to plant to attract birds.
The book also features 101 garden birds likely to be found in gardens across the region. Bright, full-colour photography brings the subject to life.


The book offers:

Ideas for bird-friendly garden design
Descriptions, distribution maps and photographs of 101 garden birds
Advice on providing food and shelter for birds
Detailed lists of recommended trees, shrubs, climbers, aquatic plants and grasses


Duncan Butchart is a keen observer of the natural world and has worked as an illustrator, writer and ecotourism consultant. He has authored numerous books, including Wildlife of South Africa and Wildlife of the Okavango, and was illustrator and co-author of The Vultures of Africa. He has worked in 11 African countries and travelled extensively worldwide, writing articles on the birds and other wildlife of Australia, Borneo, Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil and India. An enthusiastic gardener, Duncan Butchart has created inviting spaces for birds – and other wildlife – wherever he has lived, in Johannesburg, Nelspruit and Hermanus.